Connections, Connections, Connections

For more than 15 years we've been traveling the Italian countryside to meet friendly, welcoming Italians who are eager to create and host insider experiences and activities for our guests. As a result, each of our carefully crafted tours allows our guests to experience an in-depth, insider's view of Italian traditions, culture and regional specialties. 

From delightful Doriana (Umbrian truffle expert) to vivacious Cesare (hand-hammered coppersmith) to charismatic Lamberto (Renaissance paper artisan), each of our Italian "connections" is also a dear friend who treats our guests like family. Want to learn how to make real Italian pasta? Antonetta is ready to show you her best-kept secrets. Ready to learn about Italian herbs? Irma is our go-to herbal expert. How about fresh-pressed olive oil? Riccardo can tell you all about it - plus offer some of his best for sampling. This is cultural immersion at its best!

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