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Leader in Authentic, Insider Tours of Tuscany, and her gentler sister-region, Umbria
Join us for a travel experience that is fascinating, breathtaking and fun beyond your imagination through intimate, private visits of tucked away places NOT listed in guidebooks, where you are welcomed like family by local Italians. We KNOW Tuscany, and her sister-region, Umbria,  because we live here (along with our exemplary Strada Toscana team) and we  are continually exploring our beloved regions to discover engaging experiences, interesting sites and tucked away places to share with the curious, active travelers who are our guests.
Our specialty and passion is sharing these extraordinary places, hidden gems and best-kept-secrets with active, curious travelers. This is the part of Italy that we know, inside and out, and this is how we travel...off the beaten strada.

Pamela Haack


From Isabella Dusi - Best-selling author of Bel Vino and Vanilla Beans & Brodo
"Endorsing Pamela Haack and her inspiring tours in Tuscany and Umbria indulges my memories of the fun and friendship I shared with Pamela and her friends in Italy over many years. Whether in front of a stunning art work, unlocking the signs to read the intentions of a Master, walking through fields of red poppies, sitting at the table with an Italian family or in a splendid restaurant, Pamela displays her unique leadership skills, inspiring guests to explore, absorb, enjoy and feel Italy on a deep and engaging level. With Pamela, you experience what Italy and Italians really stand for, and those iconic lifestyle dreams become your extraordinary reality."

From Mary Jane Cryan - Author of Elegant Etruria
"If I didn’t already live in Italy, I would probably be a regular member of Pamela Haack’s small group tours to the less touristy parts of central Italy. Pamela’s expertise, connections and knowledge of this part of the country allow her visitors to enjoy life enhancing experiences and visit special, private homes, castles and other places tourists rarely get to see. If you want to meet real people, live our Italian lifestyle and not be just a tourist, Pamela Haack’s Off the Beaten Strada small group tours are for you."

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